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I’m interested in clothesline wire, fishing line and white paint which are readily available materials. These materials have been a part of my child hood and are familiar to a broad audience. I explore them counter to their actual use in an intuitive way. Using them to create an art installation yes, but through them try to understand the connection of my personal experiences in a rural setting and my artistic expression. Hanging clothes out to dry, helping my parents paint a wall, or fishing on a riverbank. The clothesline wire extends across a distance, but not straight and taught. The fishing line is typically cast out to catch a fish, but will catch ideas instead. Seemingly the elements are all truncated but together create a cohesive piece that casts undulating shadows and reels the audience in to draw and scribble.

Photo courtesy of Katelin Kenny

clothesline wire, fishing line and white paint, undulating shadows, scribble, By Katrina Murray,  Photo courtesy of Katelin Kenny
Scribble installation
Mixed media: Wire, Fishing line, Lamp, Post it notes
24' x 10'