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All artists look for ways to release the creative stream—to stimulate freedom and spontaneity in their artistic expression. I see scribbling and doodling as way, not only for me but the general public, to access the creative source. One that I believe exists in all of us. It seems like child’s play but can take us to a place of comforting memories, personal moments of private contemplation and freedom.

With this installation piece I encouraged the public to engage in my work by providing a small desk, lamp, paper and pencils. With no instructions people doodled and posted their doodles in the margins of my large-scale rendition of notebook paper and scribble.

Herron Marsh Gallery, Material Muse, Nov. 2011

Photo courtesy of Katelin Kenny

Scribble Installation by Katrina Murray,  Photo courtesy of Katelin Kenny
Scribble Installation
Mixed media: Wire, Fishing line, Lamp, Post it notes
24' x 10'