Murray's collage and ceramic work were born out of necessity as a means to recovery from a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) sustained in a car accident in 2015. Now Murray is focusing on those mediums as a tool to speak about healing, personally and on a public scale. Particularly in light of the recent public health crisis and social and political unrest. She is currently working on a solo show scheduled for May 2022 at Gallery 924, Indianapolis. She will be addressing those themes through collage and ceramics.

While educated at Herron School of Art and Design Katrina Murray studied art history in Italy. She also lived for over three years in Germany during the mid 80s. Murray was in Germany (Deutschland) when fallout from the Chernobyl reactor blaze in 1986 drifted into West Germany, where she lived. Demonstrations against the "American occupation" took place during the birth of her youngest daughter, forcing the birth to take place off the military post and in a german hospital. Murray found herself in a hospital room with two other mothers. None of them spoke the same language. Murray uses her work to investigate the differences and similarities between us. A native of the historic arts area of Brown County, Indiana, Murray now lives and works in Indianapolis, IN.

Collections of note:
Eskenazi Health, IU Health Neuroscience Center, Community North Hospital, Indiana Humanities.

Selected Exhibits & Experience:
2022 This is us (Solo Exhibit), Gallery 924, Indianapolis Arts Council, Indianapolis, IN
2021 Sum of Unity, Curated By Samuel Levi Jones, Eleanor Prest Reese Gallery - Herron School of Art & Design, Indianapolis, IN
2020 Pandemic Research Interactive Exhibit (Ceramic Portraits) (Solo show), Schwitzer Gallery, (CCIC), Indianapolis, IN
2016 View from Within, Mark Borghi Fine Art/Keyes Art Consulting, New York, NY
2016 Asphaltum (Artist & Curator), Schwitzer Gallery, (CCIC), Indianapolis, IN
2015 Performance art collaboration, Music & Mark Making, Independent Music + Art Festival
(IMAF), Indianapolis, IN
2015 Hoosier Salon vs. iMOCA, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, IN
2016 & 2014 Art from the Heartland, Biennial, Indianapolis Art Center, Jurors: Mindy Taylor Ross and Sarah Urist Green, Indianapolis, IN
2016 Rock, Paper, Hammer (2 person show), Schwitzer Gallery, (CCIC), Indianapolis, IN
2012-to 2015 Painting Instructor, Herron School of Art & Design's Creative Learning Program, Indianapolis, IN
2014 Speaker, SOFAexpo for Codaworx, Topic: IU Health Neuroscience Public Art Installation, Chicago, IL 2011
2011 Artist Assistant, Expedition Bogota-Indianapolis, Danielle Riede and Alberto Baraya, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA)
2011 Attended the Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy,

Selected Awards & Grants:
2020-21 Creative Renewal Arts Fellow of the Arts Council of Indianapolis, IN
2017 Award of Excellence - 119th Annual Exhibition by Richmond and Area Artists, Richmond Art Museum, Richmond, IN
2011 International Experience Scholarship, Study abroad, Italy